Month: September 2015

Lanyards date back as early as the 15th Century, when the French military use this “laniere” or thong to attach their pistols, swords or whistles to their uniform. This ingenious strap allow soldiers to place their pistols back in the holster with ease. Also, the designs and colors of the straps identify one soldier from another, based on regiment affiliation or designation.

ID lanyardsNowadays, the police nor military use straps on their guns but lanyards have become more popular among the general population. ID lanyards are of significant importance in any workplace, educational institutions and even in most social gatherings. The straps are now indispensable partners of identification cards and with the occasional addition of keys and other small stuff to maximize the function of ID lanyards. Who doesn’t do that? Carry your keys around your neck with your important work or school ID – two most important things in one strap. Convenient, isn’t it?

Well, if you are to carry such important stuff around you, better choose the best materials that will not fail you. There are a lot of materials to choose from but we’ve narrowed them to five:

1. Tubular

Slim and cheap. Not as flashy as the alternatives, but it does a good job in holding ID and nametags. Not flashy also means poor advertising material. This is only good for rush events (seminars and lectures) where in you just need a simple strap to hold the ID of the participants. Won’t even count for a souvenir item, just a simple strap bearing the name of the event or company. Comes cheap though and short production time.

2. Nylon

Very good for promotional ID lanyards. The width, smooth and shiny texture of the material allows for printing of logos with exceptional detail. Nylon is also strong so it is built to last. This is best used in workplaces and schools.

3. Woven

This is made out of polyester. Unlike nylon, the designs are not printed but embroidered. This makes the designs permanent with an added embossed effect. It makes good material for text, but limited logos or pictures can be created by weaving.

4. Dye sublimated

If you are a sucker for details, this is your best pick. This produces prints of top quality – very clear, won’t rub off or smudge, ever! Also, both sides are imprinted making it perfect promotional or souvenir items.

The material of the strap is just the beginning. You will also have to choose the hardware or the thing that will connect the ID lanyards to your most important thing (or things) – ID, keys, cellphone, and other small objects you might want to carry around. Black is the way to go when choosing hardware. It can be made of plastic or metal, but the black color is standard as it is less flashy and goes well with anything.

1. J-hooks – looks like a loopy S-thing, which you need to press on for you to insert your ID holder.

2. O-ring – is as functional as the j-hooks and much, much classy.

3. G-clip – a heavy duty attachment which can carry stuff way heavier than your ID. A bunch of keys or even your wallet can be attached to it with no worries of breaking the hardware.

4. Bulldog clips – a point higher than j-hooks when it comes to securing your ID. However, it can only be used for holders with horizontal holes. Also not a match for keys if you’re planning to attach them to the strap too.

ID lanyards can really make a statement for your cause or for company. Better make the most of it and choose materials and hardware that fits your needs and satisfies the function of a good, trusty lanyard.


Golf shoes are crucial in the game. Stability, durability and comfort are what you need to look for in the footwear. These can optimize balance in stances and endurance in walking.

Callaway is a website that provides discounted golf gear for all kinds of golfers. They have everything that you need for the game at insanely low prices!

On the site, you will find some of the best brands in the game such as Adidas, Nike, Adams, Etonic and Callaway Golf shoes at pocket friendly prices. Golf equipment has never been so accessible to the serious and avid lady golfers.

To give you a preview of what the site has, here are some of the top ladies golf shoes to maximize your performance in the game.

Adidas Adizero Tour Golf  Shoes

Utilizing the Sprint Skin microfiber and CloudFoam, the Adidas Adizero Tour ensures comfort for the wearer. The Sprintweb TPU and THiNTech provide efficiency and security to your movements. To top it all off, the footwear is also equipped with ClimaProof Technology, making it stronger than it looks!

Callaway Golf 2014 Ladies Cirrus Golf  Shoes

The 2014 Ladies Cirrus Golf Shoes is equipped with Callaway Comfort Inserts to provide maximum comfort for the feet. The Rubber Traction Spikes also compliments the inserts. The full-length, low-profile EVA is makes it light and durable for optimal performance.

Nike Golf Ladies Verdana Golf  Shoes

This unique slip-on golf shoes feature waterproof technology, courtesy of WaterShield, and Heel Air-Sole, giving the Nike’s Ladies Verdana its effectiveness, style and comfort. The Traction-at-Contact and Low-Profile Scorpion spikes technology provide better friction and grip on certain terrains, packaging it as one of Nike’s finest products.

Etonic G-Sok Golf  Shoes

This pair offers great lightness and maximum performance for the golfers with its MicroTech, Soft textile linings, and G-SOK non-cleated Outsole Technology. The Etonic G-SOK is equipped with EverDure and HydroGuard to make this footwear durable and stable.

Callaway Golf 2014 Ladies Novas Golf  Shoes

The 2014 Ladies Novas gives great breathability to the wearer with its Callaway Comfort Performance Spikes and Comfort Inserts. To optimize performance, the DCT gives better traction on the course for stability and balance. The Clarino Microfiber makes the Novas durable and easy-to-clean.

Etonic Sof-Tech Golf  Shoes

Etonic provides premium leather and HydroGuard waterproof membrane to make the Sof-Tech golf shoes strong and durable. It has Removable Polysport anti-microbial footbed and Suede Tech Microfiber to enhance its wearing and breathability.

Adidas Ladies Golflite Ride Golf  Shoes

The Golflite Ride is equipped with THiNTech, TRAXION, and ClimaProof to enhance its durability, balance and efficiency. The full grain leather tops it off to make it look and feel great.

Callaway Golf Jacqui Golf  Shoes

The Soft Full Grain Leather and Ortholite Insert make the Jacqui golf shoes what it is – light, comfortable and strong! The footwear is equipped with Callaway Performance PINS to make the wearing better in balance and movement.

Dawgs Spirit Golf  Shoes

The Spirit is one of the lightest golf shoes because of the EVA technology. The rubber outsoles with soft spikes make it sturdy and comfortable in wearing. The Dawgs Spirit golf shoes can also be worn without socks with its odor resistance and massaging footbed.

These products are all available at For more information about the products, visit the site to read the descriptions, customer reviews and discounts. has golf shoes, apparel, clubs, carts and more. You’ll discover the best brands for your game, from Callaway Golf to Taylor Made. The site has the best offers for everyone, and is also ideal for those who want to compare and share.


One of the most interesting growing trends in real estate and architecture is the customization of the ordinary storage container into fully functioning homes for people. It has become a stylish and popular innovation, appealing to a steadily increasing market of home owners because of its potential as a low-cost, efficient, and entirely flexible alternative to traditional housing.

1) Low-cost

The readily available metal storage container is sold by many shipping- and construction-related manufacturing businesses all around. The products can be purchased in their standard form or can be easily customized according to specifications. Whatever a buyer chooses to have done on them, the total cost will still typically come out much cheaper than when having a wood and concrete home constructed from scratch or even just renovated.

With this alternative, you are not billed with as many expenses for raw materials, building equipment, and skilled labor, among others. The effort exerted to customize and reconstruct the container, whether ordered from the maker or done with your own contractor, will quantifiably be much less than that of a usual home construction project.

2) Efficient

There is greater efficiency of space with this alternative, given how a storage container observably provides only fixed dimensions. It is now up to the smarts of the homeowner, designer, architect, and contractor to make use of the limited space in the best way possible.

Storage containerThis typically brings out the creativity of all those involved, which partly explains why these types of new age homes are flourishing and gaining popularity. It becomes like a craft project or a home improvement challenge that fires up the imagination. From the design of the entry points down to the physical layout inside the space, the goal of efficiency becomes apparent in every detail. You can fit them with glass fixtures and maybe even a full-blown porch out front – anything that can make them look like a real home. Proud, successful home owners end up creating brilliant and impressive little spaces.

3) Flexible

In addition to the glaring versatility of the storage container as a fully customizable space, it being an alternative home offers so much flexibility to the homeowner. You need not confine yourself with one container block. To get the most out of the container home project, why not go purchase several units and put them together in wholly modified ways?

At this point, there is no end to the possibilities of how you can build your container home. You can choose to create a multi-room bungalow with two or three container units, put side by side in different configurations. You can choose to create a loft-type apartment complex with two units on top of each other. You can even choose to create a multi-room, multi-storey building of sorts with three or more container units. Imagine it as playing with real life Lego bricks. The possibilities are endless! All you need is a good architect and construction crew that can help put your vision to reality.

Beyond these three personal advantages to the homeowner, utilizing the storage container with this new trend is a welcome endeavor for the environmental conservation movement. It’s clear know how much of a resource this unique storage equipment is for many, if not all, industries. They are vital for all movement of goods. But they also end up as waste sometimes, when no longer used for large-scale business operations.

This new container home innovation trend, therefore, is essentially a direct reusing and recycling effort that is distinctively helpful and effective to all parties involved. It is a creative, functional, adaptive, and brilliant move that only opens up more possibilities for advancement in construction, technology, and even lifestyle.


A keynote speaker highlights the important ideas and sets the overall tone of a meeting. Almost every major event calls for the services of a professional speaker to provide an overview, reiterate concepts, and motivate the participants to become achievers and catalysts of change.

Speakers do more than impart the main message of an event. They are expected to provide the right insights and cutting-edge information in an energetic, entertaining, yet professional manner.

Keynote speakerIn business, a guest speaker can provide the needed boost in many important events such as launching of new product lines, team building, introduction of new processes or programs, company anniversary, and plant opening.

While hiring the services of a professional speaker can be somewhat costly, the benefits of hiring a professional speaker often exceed the engagement fees.

Benefits of Hiring a Keynote Speaker

A good speaker can educate, inspire, and infuse a creative mindset in your employees. Innovative employees are capable of generating new ideas and unique marketing concepts that drive a company’s growth. They are proactive problem solvers who can provide better alternatives to existing processes.

An effective speaker can guide the employees into accepting sweeping changes at work that will require them to depart from their old, familiar ways or report to a new boss under a different department. If you leave the task to a manager or a corporate officer, chances are there will be some resistance, name-calling, or other reactions that can only project a negative image for a company.

When launching a new product or service, a keynote speaker can help the management enlist the support of all employees by driving home the importance of ensuring the success of the product or service. Even non-sales employee can bring new customers to a company by giving a positive product review.

An inspiring speech rendered by a professional speaker at the end of an in-house seminar can help emphasize the value of the seminar and the skills acquired by participants to the company’s success.

In every event, a guest speaker poses the right questions, shows them the way, and lays down the challenge for the audience to be the best corporate player or employee.

Guidelines for Choosing a Keynote Speaker

Choosing the right speaker is one of the major elements of creating a successful event. Here are tips that you can use in finding the perfect fit speaker:

•Know the event’s objectives

Knowing what the program intends to accomplish will give you a guide as to what type of skills or experience you will be looking for in a speaker. Be it a training program, team building activity, an awarding ceremony, or a product launch, there is bound to be a speaker who will fit the requirement better than the rest.

•Know the needs of the audience

Considering the needs and expectations of the participants can help you decide on what type of program to implement, and consequently, the type of speaker you need to hire.

•Check for a speaker’s reputation

Any speaker can present fine, glossy brochures to sell their services, but asking them to state their qualifications can help identify and clarify specific skills that they are claiming to have. Asking for references and checking out on a speaker’s performance are standard hiring practices.

•Ask for a video of old presentations

By watching the prospective speaker in action, you will have a better grasp of the speaker’s style of building rapport, interacting, and delivering the message.

•Provide adequate information

Professional speakers need to find out as much as possible about the event, the company, the size and description of the audience, and the current issues the organization is facing to help them customize their presentation. By providing the required information, you are ensuring that your company will reap the maximum benefit out of the speaking engagement.