Month: December 2015

Many organizations want to introduce their cause and gain more supporters. With the help of custom rubber wristbands, they can show to more people that a lot of individuals also support the cause, which results in encouraging more individuals to sign up as members.

But more than just the main wristbands, many organizations also choose keychain wristbands. They consider these as complete wristband solutions due to the following benefits:

Raise Awareness or Support

Although they are keychain wristbands, they still promote the same supported cause. The only difference is the means of promotion. Organizations can still design them as the usual custom rubber wristbands to highlight the cause they’re supporting. To complete the style is the key ring where users can attach their keys.

Custom Rubber WristbandsOnce users brought out the keychain or their mobile phones, people will immediately know the cause they are supporting. They can ask for additional information if they support the same values and become members in the long run.

Good Giveaways for People

Just like regular wristbands, keychain wristbands are also good giveaways for members. Their special features allow users to be more flexible in terms of how they want to use these pieces. They can place them as keychains or use them as bag adornments. The key ring attached on the piece fits any zipper hole, which makes it possible for everyone to flaunt their supported organizations without actually wearing it.

Aside from being good keychains, the key rings can also be connected to mobile phones using a different string attachment to make them instant phone accessories. These attachments can be included or obtained from a different phone accessory and placed together with the wristband.

Comes with a Key Chain Ring

The keychain ring is the main reason why these custom rubber wristbands can be used in various ways. Manufacturers didn’t forget that they should have this attachment to make sure recipients can use them immediately.

Although people can place these keychain rings on their own, experts have special ways and attachments in placing these rings. They place them properly to make sure the ring won’t fall off and result to dropping the keys or mobile phones. They are secured in place and make users confident on their keychain wristbands.

Made from Medical-grade Silicone

Even if not worn the usual way, experts know that these custom rubber wristbands will still get in contact with users’ skin. Hence, they should be free from allergic components that may irritate skin. Medical-grade silicone also ensures durability, which assures safety for the items attached in them.

Furthermore, medical-grade silicone can withstand various text embedding procedures due to its durability. This implies the piece will remain durable while assuring organizations that their supported causes will be introduced to other individuals.

Ideal for People who are not into Wristbands

Many individuals are not into wristbands due to these products’ somewhat casual look. However, they also want to show their support daily by using the piece. With keychain wristbands, users who are not fond of these bands can bring them daily as phone or keychain accessories. In fact, the possibilities are endless in using these keychain bands for supporting causes. They can attach these keychain wristbands on virtually any item to show their support, whether they are attending specific events or not.

If you’re looking for unique custom rubber wristbands, keychain wristbands are the best options for you. Despite their difference in design and appeal, you’re guaranteed of affordable prices with lasting quality. Be sure to reach a reliable distributor to get top caliber wristbands that you can be proud of distributing to members as a sign of their allegiance to the cause or as memorabilia.

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