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A keynote speaker highlights the important ideas and sets the overall tone of a meeting. Almost every major event calls for the services of a professional speaker to provide an overview, reiterate concepts, and motivate the participants to become achievers and catalysts of change.

Speakers do more than impart the main message of an event. They are expected to provide the right insights and cutting-edge information in an energetic, entertaining, yet professional manner.

Keynote speakerIn business, a guest speaker can provide the needed boost in many important events such as launching of new product lines, team building, introduction of new processes or programs, company anniversary, and plant opening.

While hiring the services of a professional speaker can be somewhat costly, the benefits of hiring a professional speaker often exceed the engagement fees.

Benefits of Hiring a Keynote Speaker

A good speaker can educate, inspire, and infuse a creative mindset in your employees. Innovative employees are capable of generating new ideas and unique marketing concepts that drive a company’s growth. They are proactive problem solvers who can provide better alternatives to existing processes.

An effective speaker can guide the employees into accepting sweeping changes at work that will require them to depart from their old, familiar ways or report to a new boss under a different department. If you leave the task to a manager or a corporate officer, chances are there will be some resistance, name-calling, or other reactions that can only project a negative image for a company.

When launching a new product or service, a keynote speaker can help the management enlist the support of all employees by driving home the importance of ensuring the success of the product or service. Even non-sales employee can bring new customers to a company by giving a positive product review.

An inspiring speech rendered by a professional speaker at the end of an in-house seminar can help emphasize the value of the seminar and the skills acquired by participants to the company’s success.

In every event, a guest speaker poses the right questions, shows them the way, and lays down the challenge for the audience to be the best corporate player or employee.

Guidelines for Choosing a Keynote Speaker

Choosing the right speaker is one of the major elements of creating a successful event. Here are tips that you can use in finding the perfect fit speaker:

•Know the event’s objectives

Knowing what the program intends to accomplish will give you a guide as to what type of skills or experience you will be looking for in a speaker. Be it a training program, team building activity, an awarding ceremony, or a product launch, there is bound to be a speaker who will fit the requirement better than the rest.

•Know the needs of the audience

Considering the needs and expectations of the participants can help you decide on what type of program to implement, and consequently, the type of speaker you need to hire.

•Check for a speaker’s reputation

Any speaker can present fine, glossy brochures to sell their services, but asking them to state their qualifications can help identify and clarify specific skills that they are claiming to have. Asking for references and checking out on a speaker’s performance are standard hiring practices.

•Ask for a video of old presentations

By watching the prospective speaker in action, you will have a better grasp of the speaker’s style of building rapport, interacting, and delivering the message.

•Provide adequate information

Professional speakers need to find out as much as possible about the event, the company, the size and description of the audience, and the current issues the organization is facing to help them customize their presentation. By providing the required information, you are ensuring that your company will reap the maximum benefit out of the speaking engagement.