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Lanyards date back as early as the 15th Century, when the French military use this “laniere” or thong to attach their pistols, swords or whistles to their uniform. This ingenious strap allow soldiers to place their pistols back in the holster with ease. Also, the designs and colors of the straps identify one soldier from another, based on regiment affiliation or designation.

ID lanyardsNowadays, the police nor military use straps on their guns but lanyards have become more popular among the general population. ID lanyards are of significant importance in any workplace, educational institutions and even in most social gatherings. The straps are now indispensable partners of identification cards and with the occasional addition of keys and other small stuff to maximize the function of ID lanyards. Who doesn’t do that? Carry your keys around your neck with your important work or school ID – two most important things in one strap. Convenient, isn’t it?

Well, if you are to carry such important stuff around you, better choose the best materials that will not fail you. There are a lot of materials to choose from but we’ve narrowed them to five:

1. Tubular

Slim and cheap. Not as flashy as the alternatives, but it does a good job in holding ID and nametags. Not flashy also means poor advertising material. This is only good for rush events (seminars and lectures) where in you just need a simple strap to hold the ID of the participants. Won’t even count for a souvenir item, just a simple strap bearing the name of the event or company. Comes cheap though and short production time.

2. Nylon

Very good for promotional ID lanyards. The width, smooth and shiny texture of the material allows for printing of logos with exceptional detail. Nylon is also strong so it is built to last. This is best used in workplaces and schools.

3. Woven

This is made out of polyester. Unlike nylon, the designs are not printed but embroidered. This makes the designs permanent with an added embossed effect. It makes good material for text, but limited logos or pictures can be created by weaving.

4. Dye sublimated

If you are a sucker for details, this is your best pick. This produces prints of top quality – very clear, won’t rub off or smudge, ever! Also, both sides are imprinted making it perfect promotional or souvenir items.

The material of the strap is just the beginning. You will also have to choose the hardware or the thing that will connect the ID lanyards to your most important thing (or things) – ID, keys, cellphone, and other small objects you might want to carry around. Black is the way to go when choosing hardware. It can be made of plastic or metal, but the black color is standard as it is less flashy and goes well with anything.

1. J-hooks – looks like a loopy S-thing, which you need to press on for you to insert your ID holder.

2. O-ring – is as functional as the j-hooks and much, much classy.

3. G-clip – a heavy duty attachment which can carry stuff way heavier than your ID. A bunch of keys or even your wallet can be attached to it with no worries of breaking the hardware.

4. Bulldog clips – a point higher than j-hooks when it comes to securing your ID. However, it can only be used for holders with horizontal holes. Also not a match for keys if you’re planning to attach them to the strap too.

ID lanyards can really make a statement for your cause or for company. Better make the most of it and choose materials and hardware that fits your needs and satisfies the function of a good, trusty lanyard.