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Regardless of the manner, weather, or time of day, seeing someone cross this to life to the next is a memory that will stay. The feeling of inevitable death at your fingertips as the tight grip of your loved one’s hand loosens, is truly inexplicable. The sorrow this brings to you and every family member and friend is beyond what words can describe. On top of the pain and grieving are the daily demands of life, which cannot be simply disregarded. The world does not stop, when heartbeat stops, and all of us just have to learn to go through these trying times.

With this, we, at, offer our deepest condolences and our services to alleviate the heavy burden you and your family and friends carry during this difficult time.

Versatility and flexibility in our clients’ need are two of the characteristics that we, at, have. These qualities spearheaded our funeral home and cremation services brand to where it is now. Aside from the traditional funeral services, we also cater to your cremation services. Even better, we offer on-site cremation upon request for those who would not want to go through all the trouble and specifics of holding a funeral service.

Choosing between a funeral and cremation is often a debate within family for others perceive the latter to be a more direct and, thus, distant on uninvolving process of paying respects. However, taking into consideration the hassle of having to arrange and plan a funeral service can be much of a burden on top of the sadness and grieving the whole family is going through. Much thought should indeed be put to such decision.Funeral

Cremation dates back to ancient history when different races from all over the world performed it as a ritual, similar to what we have now. Although, it is undeniable that the traditional funeral is still practiced by most, preference for cremation is slowly increasing. Especially for those who are knowledgeable of its roots. Archaeological studies indicate that there are several ways on how our ancestors “celebrate death”, from inhumation to mummification. Each race had their own ways on paying their respects do the dead, and more often than not, people before saw death in a different light than we do today.

We always see death as an unwelcoming event in anyone’s life more than a form of existential rest or a spiritual ascension, which was how it was eras ago. The act of cremation prevailed in ancient Greece and Rome, as it was not most common but was then usually performed as a sign of respect or honor, especially to those belonging to the upper class and members of the royal families. Cremation was also associated to or dictated by religious beliefs, regarding it as a fire sacrifice or human sacrifice.

However, for one of the biggest religions to date, Christianity, during the ancient times, ended cremation as a practice. This is due to the belief of resurrection of the body, as their scriptures described Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. In line with this, Catholics, during the middle ages, even used it as a form of punishment to heretics. The latter statements explain why a sum of people today still do not approve or discourage cremation as a burial means. But the modern era changed how people saw cremation.

With the ever growing population, health hazards and diseases evolve and are more communicable posing a grave threat to everyone. This was one of the reasons why cremation was pushed to be reinstated in London. A physician was one of the modern pioneers for this advocacy, regarding the cause for the benefit of public health and civilization. The practicality of cremation cannot also be undermined—fewer expenses, use of urns avoiding vandalism, and the burial rites could easily be held indoors.

Crematoria all over the globe started to be built, and with the transition of generations, new ideas have been popularized. These include scattering of the ashes to bodies of water as a sign of giving one’s self back to nature. Some would want their loved ones’ remains put inside separate little containers for portability, so that they can wear it on their necklaces or just carry them around. This allows them to cope up with the loss and retain their connection with the deceased. The usual encasing of the ashes in urns or urn vaults are also still practiced, and we, at, also offers such services. accommodates both traditional and modern beliefs, accepting embalming with the usual funeral setup, and cremation. The modern era is best described by its fast-paced and minimalist lifestyle, and cremation’s popularity has been steadily growing due to this. Allowing your loved one’s remains to be kept at reach, in sight, and in heart within your homes, as they are enclosed in urns just adds to the practicality of such decision. In any case, regardless of which you choose, we have our staff to assist you in every way we can.