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Custom-T-Shirts When it comes right down to it, cheap custom t shirts are the bomb for people who want to get personal branding right. It is sometimes just too challenging to find the styles that suit you – so why not just create your own style?

Cheap custom t shirts are powerful statements in themselves because they become part of your wardrobe, they are not expensive to make, and you can print just about anything on a shirt.

If you are interested in making cheap custom t shirts to liven up your wardrobe or if you need to create shirts for an occasion, follow these simple strategies and see your new designs come to life right before your eyes.


  1. Be Curious

 This is probably the most important step of all. A good t shirt design comes from curiosity, from the desire to express something that’s notable, funny, sad, or whatever it is that comes to mind.

Of course, in order to make a design really stand out, you need to make it unique later on. But in the conceptualization stage, you need to be as curious as possible with the possibilities.

When you are talking about the possibilities of design, what you are really trying to explore is how you can express yourself different and how you can inject your personality, interests, and what not into the design.

The same process follows when you are creating any kind of t shirt design – some of your DNA goes into the design and you have to LOVE it yourself before you can consider the design a success, right?

So every design that comes out of any of your efforts in creating is a personal design. There is no such thing as a depersonalized design, because our personalities go into all our creative pursuits, anyway.

The great thing about this is even if you are creating a design for other people, you can still find great fulfillment in using cheap custom t shirts as sort of a canvas for your creativity. There is something so inherently great about being able to see your design on a shirt that people immediately get hooked on being able to do it again and again, because it’s not expensive at all to engage in. Try it for yourself and you will see what we mean.


  1. Don’t Stop at The Surface

 This is the biggest mistake that you can commit when creating a new design: stopping at the surface.

When you come up with a drawing for example, and just stop there because you have a usable image to put on a shirt, that would be the time that your creativity ceases, and that is something that you do not want to happen.

We don’t want our creativity to cease any time when we are creating logos, t shirt designs, and other artistic pursuits.


So how do stop yourself from just scratching and staying at the surface of a design?

Always look at how the design can be more specific. When you are looking at specificity, you are challenging yourself to go beyond the first draft, the first drops of creativity.


Something that occurs to you in a few minutes would probably look better when you give it a bit more time, a bit more effort. Think not just of how to draw or draft a design better, but how to make it more unique, more creative.


The best example of this challenge in creativity is depicting the simplest objects like pens, apples or stars in an interesting manner. Like everyone knows what an apple or star looks like, but what if you want to use it in your design?


How do you take commonplace objects like these and make them fresh in other people’s imagination?

Try this challenge to your creativity! We can assure you that in the beginning it is not going to be easy, but as you keep pushing the envelope, the process of re-imagining things becomes second nature.

The actual process is never easy, but you will have the confidence to say that even if the reimagining part is hard, you already know what to do.


  1. Depict a Design in Different Ways

 You never know how a design will really turn out unless you try different approaches and media. While not everyone can be a Picasso, anyone can pick up a pencil or pen and doodle.

 Anyone can try watercolor, pastel, or even crayons. The goal here is to try and translate the design in your mind into a concrete design. While many people will be quick to go to digital media, it’s actually easy to try conventional media first before enhancing what you have with digital media.

Design Your Own HoodiesThere is also the possibility of combining a design you have created with more traditional media with digital art. The possibilities are endless. Even though the final object will be a work of art in digital form (because that’s how you are going to get the design printed), the process from start to finish doesn’t always have to revolve around photo manipulation or graphic art.

If creating art from scratch is not your thing, then why not try photography? Photography can be manipulated later on to fit what you need, but without the actual photo, you have nothing.

Try to conceptualize what you want to see and go on a brief photo walk around the neighborhood. You would be surprised as to how many ideas you can get by simply observing people, or the city, and taking pictures.

Remember our first pointer? Be curious. Be endlessly curious. That curiosity will help bring your designs to life, and will also help you create even more designs in the future.

Because if you are creating cheap custom t shirts for your personal branding efforts, then you need more than just one shirt. You would probably need half a dozen, or something like that. Whatever your purpose may be, keep these important style guidelines in mind and you will never go wrong.

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